Wet Milling and additional FAQs

How to Wet mill KATANA Zirconia Block

It is recommended to perform dry-milling using the Dry Milling Suction Unit (Dentsply Sirona). For details, consult Dentsply Sirona Inc.

If wet milling is performed using cooling water contaminated by milling material other than zirconia (i.e., silica-based glass ceramic, such as lithium disilicate glass, etc.), the translucency of the prosthesis may be diminished after baking. Before milling, it is necessary to clean the milling/grinding chamber; cooling-water tanks and filters; change the cooling water and clean the inside of the pump. It is good practice to have three tanks, for more efficient performance of the wet milling operation.

You can download a detail explanation here.


What sizes are available for the KATANA Zirconia Block?

The KATANA Zirconia Block is presently available in 12Z, and will be available in 14Z at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Where can I purchase KATANA Zirconia Block?

KATANA Zirconia Block is available through Henry Schein, Inc. and Patterson Dental Companies in both the US and Canada.

Which oven is recommended for sintering the KATANA Zirconia Block?

The CEREC SpeedFire from Sirona is recommended for sintering the KATANA Zirconia Block.